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Manalapan Patch.com

Police Present Over $3K to MERS Board for Lockdown Magnets

…immediately after the Newtown, Conn. shooting, he told the department he was looking to raise funds to procure lockdown magnets for all school doors…

Lockdown magnets are a simple device that allow teachers to secure their classroom doors without having to leave the classroom and use their keys.

William Annin Middle School

Letter from the Principal

Prior to purchasing these magnets, teachers would have to locate their emergency key, go to the door, put the key in the outside lock of the door, lock the door and close it. As you can imagine, seconds count in the event of an armed intruder.
The lockdown magnet allows the door to be locked at all times but while in place does not allow the locking mechanism
to engage. In the event a lockdown is called, the teachers simply pull the magnets off the door jams and close the doors
saving precious time.

Montville Patch.com

PBA Donates Magnets for Faster School Lockdowns

 Instead of fumbling for keys, locking classroom doors will be as simple as pulling a magnetic strip.

Montville PBA Local 140 has donated magnets for doors at Montville Township schools that are designed to make locking doors in the event of an emergency easier, without the need for teachers, substitutes or students to look for keys.


Magnets for Doors – Quicker Lockdown in Schools

In an effort to hasten emergency shutdown times, schools in Morris County, NJ, have begun to use magnets as a locking mechanism instead of traditional keys. The magnet is kept on the side of a door and, when removed, will lock the door in place, firmly shutting without the need to fumble for keys.

Montville PBA Local 140 has donated magnets for Montville Township schools to lockdown doors during an emergency.

Officials say they are hoping that this will not only give the police more time to arrive on-scene, but will also result in fewer deaths and better safety for students. The idea was inspired by the recent school shooting in Ohio, resulting in the death of a student there.

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